Thanks-giving and Worship

by Kristin Price, worship director

It is way too easy to get caught up in the day to day stresses of home, family, job, and the barrage of media messages and fail to recognize we are in the midst of wonderfulness. I’m afraid I struggle with gratitude, though giving thanks is a necessary, life giving exercise. Perhaps I have mistakenly seen fragility in what is in fact robust. We aren’t naturally inclined to gratitude, I suppose, it’s a choice. But in choosing gratitude we choose to care for our souls. It takes effort, but intentionally pausing to consider what is being offered each day reveals the ways in which God is already, and always caring for us. It is like going outside and taking a breath of fresh air. If I’m attentive, I’ll notice what a gentle and generous spouse I have, what beautiful, kindhearted children God has given me, and how loyal and understanding my friends are. If I’m mindful, I’ll find joy in one more warm sunny day, or the sight of an old-fashioned red bicycle. I yearn for a heart from which gratitude flows as naturally as water, because I want to see what is really in front of me in my life: the love of an infinitely beautiful God.

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