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Below is a listing of Juneau Community Church events for the Easter season.

Chapel by the Lake

Church of the Nazarene

St. Paul's

Glacier Valley

Auke Bay Bible

Douglas Island





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Past Events

Great things happen in this community.  What has happened in Juneau in the past?

Building Health Families Conference

This Hope

Glory Hole Disaster

African Children's Choir

Michael W Smith Concert

Spring Break 2014

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July 1st, 2016
Savikko Park

Please note the location --- Savikko Park (aka Sandy Beach).

Volunteers Still Needed

You can register as a volunteer at the Decision America Website.

Or you can sing up at the

Mandatory training for volunteers

July 1st

9 AM

Salvation Army Chapel


Special Prayer Time

June 26th

7 PM

Savikko Park


Decision America is a nationwide tour to proclaim the Gospel and challenge Christians to pray fervently and

boldly live out their faith in Jesus Christ.

Alaska Field Rep Kathleen Liska



e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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They came back with a special message for Juneau.


This Hope Christmas-2015 2 


They packed Centennial Hall with an outstanding concert.  It is amazing that these guys all came from the same church in Soldotna, Alaska.

Thanks to Tom Matthews and the church family at Douglas Bible Church for bringing this group to Juneau.

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Glory Hole Disaster and Relief (November 2014)

From February 9th, 2015

Extent of Damage

The Glory Hole will be out-of-commission for two to three weeks after the event.  So we are looking at a dire situation till the 16th or 23rd of December.  The board has established a target date of December 19th.  The Glory Hole is insured so the immediate need is space and basic services for the displaced residents.  


Damage was on all three floors, with two inches of water on the floors, water pouring through the ceilings, damaging wall boards and saturating everything.





Crisis involves finding shelter for 26 residents, 21 men and 5 women

Were housed at Zach Gordon Youth center on November 30th

Juneau International Youth Hostel agreed to provide housing for 5 nights and have since agreed provide shelter for the residents till the target date of December 19th.  Due to construction extension, the Hostel has agreed to extend housing till January 6th.  Due to prior commitments at the hostel, the residents moved to the Salvation Army. There they remained until mid-January.



All their clothing was soaked.  Laundry facilities were provided.


Due to prior commitments at Holy Trinity, Cathedral has agreed to provide kitchen and dining facilities through the 6th of January.  Afterward, Salvation Army will provided food services. The kitchen at the Glory Hole should be completed any day now, so cooks will need to contact the Glory Hole to deterine where they will be cooking.


Short-term storage for equipment and resident's clothing has also been provided.

Construction Progress


  • Residential facility was completed in mid-January
  • Kitchen facility is nearing completion

Special Thanks

City of Juneau and the Juneau Police Department for moving the residents to Zach Gordon Youth Center

Father Pat Casey and the people of Cathedral for providing their facility for meals

The board of the Juneau International Youth Hostel for providing their facility

Father Gordon Blue of Holy Trinity and his congregation

Lance Walters and his congregation at the Salvation Army




Sue Nix, 907-723-8805, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mariya Lovishchuk, 907-957-2885, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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African Children's Choir



Learn More About Music for Life Institute


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Michael W Smith Concert

Michael W Smith


Read Ann's Story


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Spring Break



Learn More About How it Happened





The June meeting is June 7th at the Glacier Valley Church of God at 7:00 PM
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