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Other Publications

CCM distributes newsletters on a monthly basis.  Feel free to check out our latest editions.  If you are interested in subscribing, please go to the Get Involved menu and complete the necessary information.  Please note that no contribution is necessary.  Your interest is appreciated.

Also note regarding our newsletters, people with GCI accounts cannot receive newsletters unless they expressly say so on their GCI account.  We recommend that users subscribe to Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. 

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Blog Submissions

CCM welcomes Blog submissions.  To submit a blog through CCM, please provide your full name, a two paragraph bio that focuses on your ministry work, additional biographical information that may be useful, and a photo (optional).  Blogs will be reviewed for content consistent to our mission.

Shared Documents


  • You will first need to have a Gmail account and access your Google Drive
  • Notify us when one is created and we will add your account to our list of people who are authorized to view our documents
  • We will notify you when the shared permissions have been arranged
  • Next time you log onto your Google Drive, click "Shared With Me" and "Christ Community Ministries" should appear.

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