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Prayer is really the biggest thing you can do to support CCM and the ministries described on these pages.  It is one of the most exciting aspects of being involved in CCM.  People start praying, and things start happening.

Service is the next big thing.  Without people who have a servant's heart, nothing would be accomplished.  One of the central tenets of CCM's philosophy is to follow the example that Christ showed us when he washed the feet of his disciples.

Financial support is greatly appreciated.  At this time, CCM has no paid staff nor does it plan on having paid staff any time soon. What that means is that a vast portion of what you give is directed toward supporting ministries in the community, providing scholarships for retreats. and providing foundational funding for special events. Some funds are directed towards communication and basic operations (about 10%).  CCM is a registered 501-(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your contributions are tax deductible.

Give prayerfully.  The link below gives you the option of scheduling contributions on a regular basis.  Consider giving small amounts each month.  For CCM, small donations go a long, long way.  You can also use the service to track your contributions for tax purposes.


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Advantages of Online Giving

  • Give lump sum or choose to give small amounts every month
  • Create your own account and track contributions
  • Receive e-mail confirmation
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Sponsor a Web Page

The goal is to make our web site self-sustaining so that more contributions can go to supporting ministries and the WORD Retreats.  If you would like help in this manner, please contact us.  Cost of sponsorship is $150 annually for each page.


Attend CCM Open Sessions

Attend the Open Sessions of the CCM Board

You are more than welcome to attend our CCM Open Sessions.  The Open Sessions were set  up to enable the board members to catch up on what each of them had been doing in the past month and to "think out-loud" about where we are heading as an organization.  If  you would like to join us in that discussion, please come.   Your ideas and perspectives are more than welcome.  No official action is taken at an Open Session.

Open Sessions are also ideal for presenting information regarding ministries you are advancing.  If you are wishing CCM to consider communicating more information regarding your ministry, spreading the word or simply seeking advice, come to our Open Session and share your thoughts.

Please track when and where we intend on meeting on the Upcoming Events posted on the main page.  Location may vary depending on expected attendance.  If you can, send us a note if you intend on coming.


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