Helping the Needy

Welcome to Service Ministries.  It is one of the central lessons that Jesus taught his disciples on the night of his betrayal.  He knelt before them and washed their feet.  Loving one another is serving one another.  Fascinating -- if you had 24 hours to live, what would be the lesson you would want to teach your loved ones before you passed away?  Jesus taught us to serve others.

We hope that what you learn here will inform you of what is happening in our community and encourage you to pray and to serve.


Feeding the Hungry

Feeding the Hungry


Glory Hole, located on Franklin Street in Downtown Juneau, provides meals every day for people in need.   Top of their list is the need to cook meals.  Glory Hole is the primary provider of cooked meals for the needy, so whatever help you can provide is deeply appreciated.

Does your church have a cooking team?

Open Dates:

Glory Hole currently has 5 days open each month.  If your church is not yet involved, form up a team and give them a call.  You will certainly be a blessing to them.

Special thanks go to the following churches and Christian groups:


The Valley

Addressing the needs of the hungry in the Valley, our thanks go to the long-standing gracious hearts at St. Brenden's Episcopal Church.  They provide a meal each Thursday called "The Galley".  Everyone is welcome, starting at 6 p.m. It is free. They cook all the food except for the first Thursday of the month, when potluck offerings are invited but not required. They also have a food bank which is open from 4:30-6, Monday thru Thursday.

Love INC

Love INCLove INC Juneau, Alaska




Love INC (In the Name of Christ) is a remarkable demonstration of the unity we have in Christ.  Providing assistance to those in need, they combine the resources of churches throughout Juneau.  This not only dramatically lowers the cost of providing assistance, it substantially extends the reach of volunteers.

Click the link above for contact information, upcoming events and subscribe to their newsletter.


Jobs for Life

Jobs for Life is an outstanding program for helping people obtain meaningful employment and improving financial management skills.  The program is based on one-to-one mentorship.  Classes include a free meal.



Salvation Army

 Salvation Army


Wow -- does theLt. Lance Walters SA do a lot for this community!

  • -- Food boxes
  • -- Thanksgiving Dinner at the Hanger
  • -- Angel Tree
  • -- Adopt a Family
  • -- Prison Toy Shop
  • -- Gift table at the Christmas Craft Show
  • -- AND, of course, BELL RINGING!

One of the things that immediately impressed Lt. Lance and Dana (his wife) when they first started working at the Juneau SA was the amazing generosity found in this community.  Cooperation means communication, and that means our charity dollars are being used more wisely.  SA reports that 83% of the contributions are returned to the community, minimizing overhead.  Food boxes are effeciently distributed and duplication mnimized.

Many of the things done by SA are familiar sites in our community and businesses.  We have all encountered bell ringers, and we often see Angel Trees in our churches and places of work.  We guard ourselves from taking all this for granted.  We must not fall into the trap of thinking somebody else will take that gift from the Angel Tree, or somebody else will serve the meals at the Hangar, somebody else will ring the bells.Read About the Salvation Army's Coffee Program

How about you?  How about your church?  Could you ring the bell just one evening?  Could you sponsor a family?  When at the craft show, can you drop by the SA craft table?

BETTER YET -- How about some of that SA Coffee?  Yes, they are even selling a special brand of coffee that not only supports the SA ministries, but directs the funding to the farmers themselves.

The Prison Toy Shop is a wonderful program, providing the inmates an opportunity to choose a gift for their children.  This is a step up from the Angel Tree program (which was started by Chuck Colson of Prison Ministries).  With Angel Tree, you are provided with general guidance on what a child is desiring, but it is one step removed from the parent who is incarcerated.   Toy Shop gives parents an opportunity to participate in the giving process.

BELL RINGERS are wanted.  Call the SA at 586-2136.


SA Store Hours


439 W Willoughby Ave


9-4 M-F
10-2 Sat


9-5 daily except for Sundays


Social Justice

Other Social Justice Issues

This section is available to address any other social justice issues that may arise from time-to-time.  Feel free to contact CCM if you wish to bring a particular event to our attention.

Girl Rising

You may recall the story of Malala Yousafzai, a 14-year old Pakistani, who was shot in the head by Taliban terrorists.  The murder was justified because she was considered an infidel.  Her crime?  Advocating the education of girls.  Her recovery and her subsequent display of courage has inspired millions, bringing to world attention the cause of women's rights and the simple importance of providing young girls the opportunity to be educated.

Girl Rising is a highly acclaimed documentary that has included participants ranging from CNN to World Vision.  You are encouraged to come and see this film and meet others in the community who are equally concerned about the importance of this issue.  It was presented at Chapel by the Lake in November.  You are encouraged to visit the web site, learn more about the documentary and present the program in your church or community organization.



Human Trafficking

Last summer, Craig Johring spoke to the community about his experience bringing awareness of human trafficking in Mexico City, where he lives.   Not suprisingly, people asked questions about whether human trafficking and the issues that surround it exist in Juneau.  Homeless youth are frequently the target and symptom of human trafficking and it was mentioned in our discussions how homelessness in Juneau is a serious concern.

Human trafficking has now come up on the radar for Salvation Army.  They are beginning to address this issue internationally, including what is evident in the United States.  The Salvation Army in Alaska has observed that human trafficking is a problem in Anchorage.  The local chapter is now educating our community on the issue.  

Another organization is the Juneau World Affairs Council (JWAC), a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization. They have sponsored symposiums on human trafficking and can be a good resource.

 We expand further on this topic under Youth Ministries.


Food Pantry

Helping Hands 


                     Dinner and Silent & Live Auction


August 8th, 5pm

Please purchase tickets at the door 


call Karen (907) 957-6632

Dinner $10.00 each person
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