A team of dedicated volunteers endeavors to give to Juneau a pair of retreats each year:  one for men and the other for women.

This year's team is exceptional.  They include:

Women's Team:

  • Sara Neal -- Director
  • Katie Benning -- Co-Director
  • Linda Mattson -- Co-Director

Men's Team:

  • Fred Yates -- Director
  • Mike Grieser -- Co-Director
  • Randy Coleman -- Co-Director


  • Ray Vidic
  • Lucy Nelson

Hold these folks in your prayers as they go about planning the retreats for 2015.

The team is always interested in people who are willing to provide logistical support or who wish to participate in organizing any of the functions that surround the retreat experience.

They are also asking for donations of food supplies, gifts, transport of luggage and camp preparation.

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Men's Retreat

Women's Retreat

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