Men's Ministry

CCM provides a clearinghouse of opportunities directed towards men.   Chief of these is a discipleship program that expands on the relationships and the spiritual energy of WORD Retreats and Testimonial Retreats.

Note that our ministry is not focused on a particular church or denomination.  We welcome everyone.


WORD Retreats

WORD Retreats

Highlight of the year is the annual WORD Retreat for Men.  From Thursday evening through noon Sunday you can put away the cell phone and retreat to a remote camp, enjoy good company, great food, worship and exciting testimonies.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and learn more about the wonderful WORD Retreat experience

 *Philosophy Regarding Costs:  CCM has a policy that nobody should be prohibited from participating in a retreat or ministry due to costs.  Paying for materials is optional.  Contribute what you can, whether it be in money, prayers or acts of kindness and love.  Scholarships and sponsorships are available for retreats.


HighQuest Series

Click here and view the materialThe HighQuest Series is an outstanding program in strengthening men in Christ.   It seek's to move men beyond news, weather and sports.  It's aim is to lay the foundation of a disciplined walk in Christ, and develop a strong spiritual bond. 

Its mission is simple:

  • To Know Christ Deeply
  • To Reflect Christ Authentically
  • To Reproduce Christ Intentionally

The nice thing about the HighQuest Series is that it can be applied to a faith@work> format where you can meet over lunch or breakfast.  Yet it also can be applied for evening fellowship, enabling men to spend more time in study, sharing and praying.

You can find out more about the HighQuest Series at their web site.  The materials are provided locally. 

Are you interested in joining a HighQuest group, or mentoring a group?   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Someone will contact you shortly.  Leave a phone number in the message.

This program is directed by Eric Niewoehner.

  • Utilizes printed write-in books
  • Organized in Forums of Four
  • Men Only
  • 1-hour Lunch Format or 2-hour Evenings
  • Contribution toward costs appeciated: $15* (See our philosophy concerning "costs" below)
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