Prison Retreats

For several years, men who have been blessed by the ACTS Retreats and the WORD Retreats have extended this experience to men who reside in the jail facility located in Juneau. Combining their experience, they call it the Christ-Centered Retreat. The results, after many years, have been quite amazing. Over the years WORD and ACTS Retreats in Juneau have provided a living testimony to the lives of changed men. Some of the men who serve on retreat teams are the fruit of years of patient ministry. Upon being released, they had men to come alongside them to pray for them, counsel them and support them. It is a very, very tough transition. Organizations like Love INC provided programs like Jobs for Life to help them find work. Now they are giving, not only receiving. It is to be said -- "With men, it is not possible. But with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE."Lemon Creek Correctional Facility

The men who work in prison ministry and put on these retreats are not naive. Some have served time in prison. Their eyes are wide open. The inmates have tremendous obstacles to overcome. But our God is a God of mercy, of justice and of infathomable grace. Inmates are blessed because for the first time somebody shares with them that in Christ they can be a new creation. The past does not have to own them. 

If you would like to learn more about the Prison Retreat, click here. Pleae provide your phone number.

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2016 Retreat

September 15th, 16th, and 17th

Lemon Creek Correctional Facitlity

Team Prep Meetings: Wednesdays, August 16th, 23th, 30th, September 6th; 7 - 9:00 pm

Bob Young's House
1216 2nd St., Douglas
(907) 364-3781

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

$40.00 Retreat Fee (please notify us if this is an obstacle)

As with the WORD and ACTS Retreat, the "Retreat Team" assembles for several weeks to prepare for the retreat. The team experience is as much of a blessing as the retreat itself as you bond with a group of men, study together, pray together, worship and seek God together.

The retreat will be preceeded by a meeting on August 26th, hopefully meeting with a Chaplain and some other WORD and ACTS retreat attenders from Seward. Retreat commences August 27th.  

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How Do I Visit Someone in Prison?

Unfortunately most people begin to work in prison minsitry because a friend or a family member is incarcertated. So the first question they ask is how do they visit someone in prison?

  • First, visitation is structured around the incarceration conditions. There is a "general population" and then increasingly secured sections of the prison.
  • Second, the Juneau facitility has various levels of visitation, dependent on your objective
    • Secured Visitation -- Usually the easiest to arrange but least accomodating.  You meet in a private room, but on opposite sides of a glass.
    • Contact Visits -- Enables face-to-face visits, inmate must request the visit and you will need to provide basic information for screening.
    • Religious Workers -- People interested in ministry are classified as "religious workers". For long-term ministry, you will need to complete an application, obtain recommendations, and undergo a background check. Please refer to the Alaska Correctional Minsitries website for more information (see side bar to Sign Up for Prison Minsitry). ACM hanldes all applications and helps coordinate ministry activities.
  • Third -- keep it very simple. You literally cannot bring anything into the prison except pencil and paper (without metal objects).
  • Fourth -- work with inmates and prison staff to learn what you can bring to them and how it is done.

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How Do I Get Involved with Prison Ministry?

Best place to begin is to talk with people who are involved already. They will have incites into what it is like to work in a prison, to interact with the inmates and the various challenges one confronts.  It is a deeply rewarding service. They will certainly pray for you and provide recommendations on how to channel your energy most effectively. Contact CCM and we will forward your interests to available professionals and volunteers.



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