Testimonial Retreats

Testimonial Retreats are fun and exciting. They provide a taste of the WORD Retreat experience while enabling participants to experience the power of testimony.

Testimonial Retreats evolved from the WORD leadership team retreats. Every WORD Retreat is planned by a group of around 20 people, and it commences with a retreat for the leadership team. What we discovered is that the experience was powerful and greatly encouraging.

So we asked – Why not share this one-day experience with the local churches?

Consider what is gained from this experience?

  • See how Christ has worked in the lives of the people in your local church
  • Learn how to pray for one another
  • Builds stronger relationships
  • People learn how to present a testimony

The retreats use the WORD Retreat concepts:

  • Keep it Christ-centered
  • Testimonials are no more than 15 minutes long
  • After each testimonial, people gather around to pray for one another
  • Time is provided for people to share what they have learned

Some other advantages:

First – it is short. Only requires a day, maybe two with an overnight experience of an evening meal and some social time.

Second – it can be held anywhere. Ideally, it is great to get away to a remote site. But it can be held at the local church as well.

Third – considerably less costly than a WORD Retreat. With meals and overnight costs, a typical Testimonial Retreat will cost $50 per person.

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