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What are WORD Retreats?

W.O.R.D. stands for Worship, Obedience, Relationships and Discipleship. The entire retreat experience introduces the participants to the fun of creative worship, the importance of seeing God's Word as an authority in our lives, the wonderful power of bonding with fellow believers in Christ, and the importance of commitment to disciple one another and serve one another.


The retreat commences with a "stations of the cross" experience, setting the tone that the retreat is not about a particular theme, style of worship or doctrine. It is about Jesus and the work he did for all of us.


The retreat revolves around four testimonials from people who are just like you. Learn how Christ has worked in the lives of others. You learn that God loves people who are far from perfect, who have made some big mistakes in their lives, yet have been redeemed and walk in hope, faith and love.


Another aspect of the retreat is the importance of commitment. The real objective is to lay on the cross one thing – just one thing. Is it to give your life over to Christ? Is it to devote yourself faithfully to your spouse? Is it to commit yourself to purity, honesty, or faithfulness? Is it to serve Christ in a specific work?

How Long?

WORD Retreats are usually four day retreats, beginning on Thursday evening and ending with a closing family service around noon on Sundays. But retreats have been held under adjusted formats. As long as you maintain the primary principles and objectives of the WORD Retreats, a retreat can be as short as one day. Prison retreats, for example, often have to be significantly changed.


The important thing is to literally "retreat." So the ideal location for a retreat is someplace that is far enough away to allow the participants the liberty of relaxing, of truly getting away from the cares of this world. No cell phones or computers. The location needs to be close enough to enable outside support for transportation, cooking meals and other activities.


Costs are determined by retreat organizers, depending on the circumstances and the community they intend to serve. One thing to consider is the importance of scholarships and sponsorship. Retreats are normally not cheap, so a helping hand is often appreciated. Retreats in Juneau, Alaska are typically held for around $150 a person.


Who holds the retreat? It can be a church or a community organization. WORD Retreats are quite flexible, designed to strengthen the local church or organized to include participants from several churches. They can be directed toward specific ministries such as prison retreats and youth retreats.

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