Youth Talk

Youth Talk is a ministry of CCM that endeavors to bring before the community the issues that concern the young people in Juneau. 

Exciting Fall lined up:  Wyldlife starts at the Middle School Level, Young Life fundraiser in October, youth groups and Awana starting up.

If you have any subjects you would like to see discussed regarding the issues that confront young people, please contact CCM.

Young Life

Young Life Fall Update


    It has been a season of new beginnings with Juneau Young Life, and the ministry is very much alive and moving forward.

Young Life - Alaska Web Site


 Contact Work:

   Relationships from the previous two years are being maintained at the middle school level, and new ones are being formed at both high schools. Please contact us if you would like to serve as a volunteer leader doing contact work with either age group.  Anyone serving with Young Life would love to talk to you about how to reach kids for Christ in your busy, real-life context.


Leaders Megan and Brandi ran a high school girls Campaigners group that met every Saturday morning at a committee member's home on Fritz Cove. Megan has since married and moved to Indiana, and the hope is to begin campaigners again as soon as we have the volunteer power necessary. 

Amicus Exchange Program

Juneau Young Life proudly hosted the first Amicus exchange student in Alaska. Rosa from Germany lived with the Fritz family from August 2015-June 2016.  She attended Thunder Mountain High School. This year the Fritzes are hosting Elias from Germany and are enjoying getting to know him and helping him get settled in school and community. He hopes to play basketball and soccer and is enjoying playing with his host siblings, Elias and Charlotte. All Amicus students end their exchange with a week of Young Life camp in New York state followed by a tour of our nation's capitol.    

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Rosa arrival Aug 2015

Please consider offering your home and your time for hosting an Amicus exchange student! This is a truly rewarding and God-glorifying experience, as the Fritz and many other families have attested to since 1980.  If you would like to learn more about hosting an Amicus exchange student for the 2017-2018 school year, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will direct you to our area rep.

Area Director

Matt and Barb Siebert are a husband and wife team from Colorado.  Matt brings much Young Life experience, including serving as Area Director in Pasadena, California and Edmonds, Washington. He recently retired as a school teacher and coached basketball and volleyball at the varsity level. Juneau YL is very blessed to have an AD with Matt's innate people skills, love for God and experience with youth. His wife Barb currently works for Young Life national in Colorado and has a passion for hospitality and any opportunity to introduce teens to Christ. The Sieberts have three grown children; their daughter works for Allen Marine.  Both Matt and Barb are looking forward to this new adventure--- an exciting chance to work alongside the Lord and see His plans and purposes fulfilled. Our first committee meeting featuring Matt our new Area Director is Saturday September 10th at the Mendenhall Valley Library from 10am-12pm.


Young Life Juneau still meets for prayer the last Thursday of the month at the Fritz household.  We would love to have more representation-- one or two students, a teacher from each middle and high school, donors and a parent or two. Please contact Alex Fritz (704-490-6738) for more information.   

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Contacts for Young Life:

If you wish to learn more about Young Life, feel free to visit the Young Life web site or contact Matt Siebert.  

- Matt and Barb Siebert (907) 419-1444
- Michelle and Steve Strickler (907) 209-8978
- Adam and Sheena Rice
- Susanne Badilla
- Alex and Angela Fritz

Regional Young Life Director, Brent Cunningham

Young Life - Alaska Web Site

Contibuting to the effort:

  • Contributing begins with prayer.  Pray for a clear vision of what can be achieved, pray for support and, most importantly, pray for the young people who will be reached.
  • Join the Young Life Prayer Team.  They meet on the last Thursday of every month, 6:30 PM at Chapel by the Lake.

  • Become a Young Life leader (high school students in 11th and 12th grade are welcome to participate as leaders for middle school Wyldlife).

  • Contribute Financially-- When going to the giving page, you must search for Young Life groups in Juneau. You will find the Young Life Volunteer Chapter AK50.



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Human Trafficking

What About Human Trafficking in Alaska?

Wow.  The past year has really been busy as awareness of human trafficking has increased.   It is disheartening that we recently read where orphans were abducted in northern Nigeria by Islamist militants and pressed into servitude as "wives".   Yet variations of trafficking occur nearer to home.  Last summer we heard from Craig Johring on his work in Mexico City.  Two issues were closely connected:  homelessness amongst youth and human trafficking.  Questions were asked about how this may or may not relate to Alaska and, more specifically, here in Juneau.

Human trafficking has been a big issue for some time, but it is often with the thought that it is "over there."  It is something that happens in Mexico or Sudan, Thailand or Saudi Arabia.  But the documentary of which Craig was an associate prodcucer, VolViendo, pointed out that the destination of much of the human trafficking in South America is here in the United States.Craig Johring, Associate Producer

Two great resources are the Salvation Army and the Juneau World Affairs Council.  SA in particular has brought this issue to the forefront as it affects people on the United States and in Alaska.

At the 2013 WORD Retreat, not by advanced knowledge or design, but by Providence, we heard three testimonies from men whose lives were tragically affected by violence, bullying and homelessness at a very young age.  Two of them grew up in Juneau.  Two years ago, at a testimony retreat, a man shared his first vivid memory, crying alone on a wet, cold rainy night in an alley -- at the age of nine and on Franklin Street!  It is surprising to learn how many families in Juneau have hosted a young person cast from their home.  All these men will tell you that they were exposed to the worse kind of trouble.  Two of these men went to juvenile detention and later to jail.  Would it suprise us that today's young people are channelled into human trafficking networks?

Since then, two other presentations have been made on this subject.

Girl Rising

International Justice Mission





Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM), sponsored by Glacier Valley Baptist Church, meets every Thursday at 9pm at Chapel By The Lake. They also are doing guys and girls bible studies during the week. They're actively involved in serving in the community, in areas such as providing food service for the Love Inc Auction, and the Ladies High Tea, and entertainment, food service, and childcare for the Glacier Valley Baptist Church Valentines Day Banquet. They are also going on a mission trip to Coffman Cove, AK. They're seeing strong and growing attendance and have been placing a significant focus on discipleship, which is leading to some truly positive results.

Pray for them as they seek to engage the college age people in our community.  They will commence meetings next Fall.  For more information, contact Rachelle and Avery Grossardt at Glacier Valley Baptist Church (790-2299).





Every summer the internationally known CRU ministry has a summer project in Juneau.  This summer approximiately 50 staff and students will be living in Juneau, working at jobs, learning discipleship, serviing in our community and experiencing Alaska at it's fulllest.

Special thanks to the following churches where you will find CRU students attending:

  • Auke Bay Bible
  • Calvary Fellowship
  • Chapel by the Lake
  • Common Ground
  • Douglas Island Bible
  • Glacier Valley Baptist 


Keep Up with Craig

Keep Up With Craig


Craig Johring

Craig spoke to us last summer about working with kids in Mexico City and his part in producing a documentary on human trafficking.    He was an Associate Producer of Volviendo.  Lately Craig has participated in another project, currently filmed in Spanish, that addresses youth homelessnes in Mexico City.  Even if you don't understand Spanish, the sights and interviews will touch your heart.


Street Kids Documentary

Craig can be contacted at:

Facebook at either of the above sites.

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